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Important message from Ian Javes:

After much soul searching and consultation with various groups I have decided that after 25 years of organising the Glasshouse Trail Runs ( 19 years for the 100 mile ) I feel the best outcome for my future welfare is to divest myself of the organising duties for the Glasshouse Series. At 72 years of age I am finding the organisation more difficult both physical and mentally. My skills with a computer are limited and I don’t use Facebook and other social media.

The best offer I have had to do this, has come from Bruce Cook and the Race Promotions of the Run Inn. The Run Inn has sponsored the events for many years and Bruce has been my main helper for most of that time. He also lives in the area and knows the trails. Bruce has said that the Cook’s Tour ( May 17 ) and Flinder’s Tour ( July 26 ) will be essentially much the same with assistance from groups like Moreton Bay Road Runners, Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network and Caboolture Road Runner. There are likely to be some major changes with the Glasshouse 100 although the 100 mile and 100km events should proceed but with some course changes.

Bruce will look at the possible changes and details will be available on their website (http://theruninn.com.au/) within about a month or so. He hopes to have on line entries open around the end of January.

I may help out at Glasshouse events but will no longer organise them.

In 2015, the Glasshouse 100 will be on the weekend of 12th - 13th September. A wait list will open in January.

There are three trail running/walking events conducted in the Glasshouse Mountains area each year.

One is based at the swimming pool in the township of Woodford and two at the State School in Beerburrum township.

  1. Glasshouse 50 or Cook's Tour - also based at Woodford on the Sunday closest to 17th May Captain Cook named the mountains on 17th May during his voyage up the east coast of Australia in 1770.

  2. Flinders Tour - based at Beerburrum on the Sunday closest to the 26th July. Matthew Flinders was the first European to climb one of the Glasshouse Mountains ( Beerburrum ) on this date in 1798.

  3. Glasshouse 100 - based at Beerburrum on the weekend of the second Sunday in September.

This includes the longest run of 100 miles which was the first trail run of this distance conducted in Australia starting in 1996. For more detailed information, entry forms, on line entry, maps etc click on the links above and or the top left of the page. For results of past events go to the Results page

The Glasshouse Trail Events have been conducted under the auspices of the Trail Running Association Of Queensland Inc (www.traq.org.au) since 2007 and before that under the auspices of Brisbane Road Runners. Assistance is given at the events by members of the Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network (www.gman-inc.com.au) and by members of the Caboolture Road Runners.

Ian Javes started organising these events in 1990 and is a member of TRAQ and GMAN.